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Lasse Jon Fuglsang Pedersen

Last updated on November 27. 2011.
Curriculum Vitae My CV in Danish.
"Multi-sampled Photon Differentials: Incorporating the View Ray Differential in the Radiance Estimate" On November 25th 2011 I defended my master's thesis at DIKU -- the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen. The defense went well, and I received the highest possible grade and some excellent remarks. You can download the thesis, as well as the slides from my defense. "Deferred Rendering and Ambient Occlusion" Technical report on deferred rendering and various screen-space methods for computing ambient occlusion. My own contribution was an improved SSAO variant which uses angular attenuation and eliminates false occlusion positives. "The Windblown Adventure" A DADIU game production from May 2008 where I took part as a game programmer. Among other things, I worked on character control, particle effects, and cartoon rendering. "The Corn Hungry Martians" Project report for the DIKU course "Game Animation"; it concerns the theory and implementation of a range of visual effects (normal mapping, planar reflections, shadow mapping, GPU perlin noise) in vertex and fragment shaders using Cg. "Visualisering af Parametriske flader" Project report for the DIKU course on fundamental 3D computer graphics (concepts and mathematics.) Documents the different stages of a rasterization-based render-pipeline with support for tesselation of parametric surfaces (Bezier.) "Styring af objekter i 3D vha. Wii-controller" My bachelor project at DIKU, together with Anders Sabinsky Tøgern. It was well received. :-) Click the link for more information. Engine -- A minimal software renderer written in C++ Features: - Matrix library. - Simple scene graph. - Frustum clipping in homogeneous coordinates. (Sutherland-Hodgeman) - Fast rasterizer with fill convention, z-buffering, and perspective correct texture mapping. - Mesh generation tools for simple primitives. - Optional super-sampling anti-aliasing. XHTML|JS Minesweeper A nice and clean Minesweeper clone written entirely in JavaScript. Tip: Hold down the ALT key to flag mines if your pointing device has only one button.
DIKU Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen. My brother's website He keeps a travel log, among other things. Check it out. Kenneth Straarup's website Has not been updated in a long time I think. Maybe someday it will be, and then I can proudly say that I've been linking to it all along. :-) Update: Uh oh, 404? Deeper Trouble MUD This is the MUD to play. Once you reach level 22 you can also take it a step further and actually get to contribute code and dungeons to the game.